Clan Donnachaidh DNA Project

Robertson, Duncan, Reid, Donachie, McConnochie

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The Five Sisters

FTDNA Holiday Sale – 2014

It is here again!  The 2014 Family Tree DNA sale.  The sale is good through December 31th 2014.
Listed below is listed the sale items:
2014 Holiday Sale is Here!
We’ve slashed prices on all our most popular tests! Best of all, we are introducing mystery reward discounts on top of these already reduced prices!
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2014 Holiday Sale Prices Revealed!
Product    Sale Price
Y37    $169 $129 $40 off    Buy Now
Y67    $268 $199 $69 off    Buy Now
Y111    $359 $289 $70 off    Buy Now
Upgrades    Y12 to Y37    $99 $78 $21 off    Buy Now
Y12 to Y67    $189 $149 $40 off    Buy Now
Y12 to Y111    $339 $257 $82 off    Buy Now
Y25 to Y37    $49 $39 $10 off    Buy Now
Y25 to Y67    $148 $119 $29 off    Buy Now
Y25 to Y111    $249 $209 $40 off    Buy Now
Y37 to Y67    $99 $78 $21 off    Buy Now
Y37 to Y111    $220 $187 $33 off    Buy Now
Y67 to Y111    $129 $109 $20 off    Buy Now
Family Finder    $99 $89 $10 off    Buy Now
mtFullSequence    $199 $169 $30 off    Buy Now
mtDNA+ to mtFullSequence    $159 $139 $20 off    Buy Now
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For the surnames of our Donnachaidh DNA Project be sure to join under the Donnachaidh Project on the FTDNA website to be placed in this research project.
Tim Duncan