Clan Donnachaidh DNA Project

Robertson, Duncan, Reid, Donachie, McConnochie

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The Five Sisters

Family History Educational Subjects:

This section lists different papers, reports, and documents that the Donnachaidh DNA Project has originated and other DNA researchers. 1. This paper written by administrator Stephanie Robertson is on the subject of family history research using a Historical Method approach entitled Family Stories – Disentangling Fact from Friction .  Click on the link below to […]

Clan Donnachaidh Society Newsletter:

In 2009 the Clan Donnachaidh Society started providing a newsletter via the internet.  This newsletter was started to provide additional society news, events, and articles.  Listed below are the Clan Donnachaidh Society Newsletters listed to-date.  Click on the edition you would like to view; Please stand by for these Clan Newsletters they will be coming […]