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FTDNA Summer Sale for new customers

Family Tree DNA Sizzling Summer Promotion: New customers Orders & Family Finder Upgrades
Family Tree DNA has just announced their summer sale for new customers.  Both the male Y-DNA test and the male & female mtDNA tests are on sale as is the Family Finder upgrade for current customers.  This is a great time to encourage that test subject you have wanted to test to order his test kit.
The Donnachaidh DNA Project likes for male participants to, at least, start with the 37 marker Y-DNA 37 test and be prepared to upgrade as needed.  Also this sale has a good price of the 67 marker test which will save you some money later on.  The best mtDNA test is the mtDNA Full Sequence test.
The project is seeing most men needing to upgrade to the 67 marker test to help improve matching within some of our very large Haplogroup.
See the test and pricing info. below along with the ending date of this summer sale.  Visit the project website at for much project information and news.
Help us spread the word on this opportunity and recruit more test subjects which helps this research project.
Y-DNA37 for $119 (Regular price would be $149)
Y-DNA67 for $199 (Regular price would be $239)
Family Finder for $199 (Regular price would be $289)
Family Finder + Y-DNA37 for $318 (Regular price would be $438)
Family Finder + mtDNAPlus for $318 (Regular Price would be $438)
mtDNA Full Sequence for $219 (Regular Price would be $299)
SuperDNA for $418 (Regular Price would be $518, includes Y-DNA67
and mtFullSequence)
Comprehensive Genome for $617 (Regular Price would be $797,
includes Y-DNA67, mtFullSequence and Family Finder)
In addition, existing Family Tree DNA customers may order the Family Finder
add-on for $199
The promotion will start today, Friday the 15th at 6PM CST and will
end Thursday, July 21, 11:59PM CST. Kits need to be paid for by the
end of the promotion.
As always, thank you for your continued support.
Family Tree DNA
Tim Duncan & Stephanie Robertson
Administrators Donnachaidh DNA Project