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FTDNA 2015 Holiday Sale:

Family Tree DNA announced this week the start of their Holiday Sale on DNA tests. You should have received a notice from FTDNA explaining the sale. The FTDNA sale is good until midnight Dec. 31 2015 central time.
Now is a good time to order those test upgrades are a new DNA test for someone else. You order a test upgrade from your own test kit. These are some of the best pricing that you can get.
Like last year FTDNA will also issue weekly coupons in varying amounts that can be used in addition to the sale prices. On your myFTDNA page you will see a “Mystery Reward” box, which you can open to find your coupon code for that week. New coupons are issued every Monday.
You can use a coupon in addition to a sale price to reduce the test price more. There are coupons for all the three main category of tests – Y-DNA, mtDNA, and atDNA.
The coupons can be shared. Visit this Google Doc page to select a shared coupon or post one of your unused coupons to be shared.
Within the ordering process there is a box where you enter the coupon code so it can be applied to your order.
For those looking to order the BigY test there are some coupons from $25 to $75 off the sale price floating around. We would like to see more participants consider these advance Y-DNA SNP tests. These are the large SNP discovery test.
We have had some groups pool their funds (via our general fund account) to purchase a BigY where the results help everyone in that group. Contact me if your group is interested in pooling funds for a BigY test.
Feel free to inquire with Stephanie and Tim if you have any questions.
We hope everyone has a very enjoyable Holiday Season and thank you again for participating in this exciting Donnachaidh research project.
With Best Wishes,
Tim Duncan
Stephanie Robertson
Administrators: Donnachaidh DNA Project
Phone: 760-985-0444 (Tim’s)