Soctland 2014 Research Trip


I will be in Scotland for a month this year attending the AGM, Bannockburn celebrations and conducting a lot more research.  If anyone has a test subject candidate send me an email (  I will be leaving on June 17th and back on July 16th.  Hope to collect a number of DNA tests from Scottish and Irish men to help in our comparisons.

I hear the faint sound of our ancestors calling……………..:-)



  1. John Robertson Says:

    Hope it was a successful trip!

  2. Tim Says:

    Yes, John it was a very successful trip. I was able to test 12 more men (6 Duncans and 6 Robertsons). We also got 7 more men from the Who Do You Think Your Are Scotland show where we had a booth. I also got some good leads on other men interested in DNA testing.


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