2016 Scotland Research Trip

Hello project members,

I wanted to give you a heads up about my upcoming Scotland and Ireland research trip from September 6 till October 26.

I will be attending the AGM and have about four weeks working in Scotland. New this year I will be including about 3 weeks of researching in Ireland for clan surnames.

As always I would like to meet project members and find new participants.

Stephanie and I will be giving a DNA presentation in the evening at the Tryst in Pitlochry on September 8th.

I can arrange to meet with members and prospective members one on one and/or hold small DNA talks while in Scotland if folks contact me. My email address is tim@clandonnachaidhdna.org and my UK phone # is – 07761 805567.

If any members know of any potential men with clan surnames in Scotland and Ireland let me know with their contact info or give them mine so I can then follow-up.

We do have a few donated test kits for Robertson, Duncan, Reid (Ayrshire, Lanarkshire, Renfrewshire), and McConnachie (various spellings) men for distribution.

We are making some good progress in getting some family lines that are long removed from Scotland genetically connected back to a male in Scotland. This is the essence of our research in trying to rebuild your family lineages.

For project members in the Victoria, BC Canada area I will be speaking at the the 2016 Victoria Genealogical Society’s fall seminar on October 29th. On Sunday the 30th I will also conduct a 4-6 hour workshop on Y-DNA testing and interpreting your Y-Chromosome results. For more information visit the VGS website at http://www.victoriags.org/seminar.php.

Thank you again for being an active member of this exciting surname research project.

With Kind Regards,

Tim Duncan
Stephanie Robertson
Administrators: Donnachaidh DNA Project
Website: www.clandonnachaidhdna.org
Email: tim@clandonnachaidhdna.org, dna@pt.lu
Phone: 760-985-0444, UK – 07761 805567

  1. Mae Duncan Says:

    I just ordered a DNA test from Ancestry.com for my husband can I use the test results on your sight.
    Mae Duncan

  2. Tim Says:

    Hello Mae,

    I may have missed your question earlier. Our male line research is based on the male specific Y-Chromosome which follows a father to son pattern. The Ancestry.com DNA test is a totally different test and is not compatible with the Y-Chromosome test used in our research.

    We definitely would like to have your husband’s Duncan male line participate in this research project. Visit the “DNA test and ordering”


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